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In his address to the Institute, Mr. Nesbitt argued that the UK must bridge the divide between the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ campaigns and focus on identifying the opportunities for the UK in the upcoming negotiations. He made the case for a positive vision for how Northern Ireland can prosper in the post-Brexit era, and he highlighted the need to mobilise the region’s resources to ensure that Northern Ireland’s interests are represented in the negotiations.


About the Speaker:

Mike Nesbitt joined the Ulster Unionist Party in 2010, was elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly in the May 2011 Elections and was elected Party Leader in March 2012. Since then, he has led the UUP to success in European, local government and Westminster Elections, returning the Party to the House of Commons with two MPs. A former broadcast journalist with both the BBC and UTV, he has also worked as a Commissioner for Victims and Survivors, and the Chief Executive of a local SME. Mr. Nesbitt chairs the Committee of the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister at Stormont.