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The Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and UK entered into provisional application on 1 January 2021. The final ratification is expected to take place in February, after the European Parliament gives its consent.

The entry into force of the Agreement has led to immediate, problematic situations for major supermarket groups, small traders, freight hauliers, financial services, musicians and performers, ferry passengers and many others. The early days of the new procedures have created difficulties and engendered controversies which will clearly take time and patient effort to resolve.

This edition of the Brexit Brief details these developments, and brings together relevant news, comment and other developments from across the EU and UK. The Brexit Brief is written by Tony Brown, IIEA Senior Fellow, on behalf of the IIEA’s UK Expert Group.

This Brexit brief is available here

Brexit Brief, published by the IIEA’s UK Project Group, is published on a fortnightly basis and covers developments in the on-going debate over the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.