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On 2 October 2019, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent a letter to President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker entitled A fair and reasonable compromise. The letter, and accompanying technical note, contained the UK proposals for a new Protocol on Northern Ireland to replace the backstop. The proposals suggested the creation of an all-island regulatory zone for goods, on the island of Ireland, with the opportunity for the Northern Ireland Executive to vote on the provision.
President Juncker responded to the proposals, welcoming the UK engagement, but said that the proposals were not a sufficient basis for a deal, given that they do not represent a legally operational solution which fulfils the objectives of the backstop. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar spoke to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson later that day and said that the proposals did not meet the mutually agreed objectives of the backstop, but that Ireland wanted to see a deal agreed and ratified.
This edition of the Brexit Brief notes the current state of play on these proposals and outlines reactions from the EU Institutions and Irish Government.

This Brexit brief is available here.