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In the week of 6 July 2020, the UK and EU negotiating teams met in London for discussions. At the end of the week, EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier reported no significant progress. The two sides reconvened the following week beginning 13 July 2020. for informal talks to prepare for formal negotiations the following week.

In advance of the negotiations, the European Commission published a series of sectoral documents, detailing changes in the EU-UK relationship before the end of the transition period and steps national authorities, businesses and citizens could take to prepare.

This edition of the Brexit Brief notes the state of play in the negotiations between the EU and UK as they move from online settings to in person meetings, and documents the preparations being made on both sides as the negotiations enter the second half of 2020 without substantial progress.

This Brexit brief is available here.

Brexit Brief, published by the IIEA’s UK Project Group, is published on a fortnightly basis and covers developments in the on-going debate over the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.