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Ulster's fight, Ulster's rights?: Brexit, Northern Ireland and the threat to British-Irish relations

Podcast: Download the keynote audio podcasts from this event below.

Edward Burke

Simon Tilford

About the Speech:

Prior to the UK’s EU referendum a year ago, few British politicians paid attention to the problems that Brexit might cause for Northern Ireland. But the future border arrangements between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have now emerged as one of the key issues in the UK’s withdrawal negotiations. At this Irish launch of the CER policy brief, the author, Professor Edward Burke, and Simon Tilford, Deputy Director of CER, examined the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland.

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About the Speakers:

Edward Burke is an Assistant Professor in International Relations at the University of Nottingham. He was a foreign policy fellow at the CER from 2011-2012. His most recent work was on the experiences and cohesion of small British Army infantry units in the early years of Operation Banner in Northern Ireland. Simon Tilford is Deputy Director of the Centre for European Reform, where he works on a number of policy areas, including the political economy of the Eurozone, fiscal and monetary policy, innovation policy, competition policy, Germany and the UK.


The report can be downloaded from here.