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Podcast: Download the keynote audio podcast from this event here

About the Speech:

In his address, John Peet discussed the economic outlook for Britain and the European Union, and assessed the implications of the Conservative Party’s performance in the British General Election for the Brexit negotiations. Drawing upon his extensive expertise, he also offered his insights on the future of the EU amid a renewed debate about deepening integration in the euro area.

About the Speaker:

John Peet is Political Editor at The Economist with special responsibility for covering Britain’s relations with the EU. Prior to taking up his current position in 2015, he was Europe Editor from September 2003, responsible for coverage of the EU, Russia, Turkey, the Caucasus and the Balkans. He joined The Economist in 1986 and held a range of posts including Executive Editor, Business Affairs Editor, Britain Correspondent, Washington D.C. Correspondent and Brussels Correspondent. Before starting his long-standing career at The Economist, he was a civil servant at the British Treasury and Foreign Office from 1976 to 1986.

He has written several surveys and special reports for The Economist on subjects including European Monetary Union, the future of Europe, Britain and Europe, Ireland, and global finance.  His first book, Unhappy Union: How the Euro Crisis — and Europe — Can Be Fixed, co-written with Anton La Guardia, was published in May 2014.