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In his address to the IIEA, John Frank discussed the need for new initiatives to address the growing threats of cyber insecurity, prompted by cyber attacks in 2017 such as the WannaCry and NotPetya attacks. He commented on the call for governments, industry and civil society to work together to build a safer and more resilient digital world, and the Paris Call for Stability and Trust in Cyberspace which was launched at the Paris Peace Forum on November 12, 2018. Mr Frank discussed why Microsoft has called for a Digital Geneva Convention, which will create binding rules for nations’ cyber weapons and why they launched an industry coalition, the Global Cybersecurity Tech Accord, to advance industry’s work to improve cyber security and resiliency.


About the Speaker:

John Frank is Vice President EU Government Affairs and leads the Microsoft Brussels office. Prior to this role, Mr Frank was Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, leading the Digital Trust and Security group which includes the Law Enforcement and National Security team, the Digital Crimes Unit, the Industry Affairs group, and Competition Law, Privacy and Government Contract Compliance teams. Prior to joining Microsoft in 1994, Mr Frank practiced law in San Francisco.