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The Irish government has recently made clear its support for blockchain technology, with its announcement of the creation of Blockchain Ireland, an initiative to promote innovation and co-operation across companies working with the technology. In his address to the IIEA, Mr. Fitzgerald assessed the prospects for this, as well as the prospects for the application of blockchain to financial services and global development. He also gave his views on the current regulatory landscape, and how this is likely to affect the development of the technology.


About the Speaker:

Eoin Fitzgerald is a Senior Development Adviser – Fintech for Enterprise Ireland. He works with a portfolio of Fintech clients across areas including Blockchain and Peer-to-Peer lending. Eoin previously worked as Fintech Lead and Product Manager in Deutsche Bank. Prior to that, he worked as Head of Underwriting for Future Finance, a large Irish Fintech start-up. Mr. Fitzgerald is also co-host of the popular podcast ‘MoneyNeverSleeps’.