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About the Speech:

The advent of the collaborative or ‘sharing’ economy has begun to transform the means by which citizens can access services in a range of areas, from transport to finance to hospitality and beyond. The impact is potentially very large, worth an estimated €572 billion to the EU in economic gains if harnessed effectively. But the introduction of new peer-to-peer models to established business models raises a number of policy related questions, around housing or taxation for example.

Mr Robinson talked about Airbnb’s approach to these issues with European governments over the last few years, and discussed the company’s recently announced ‘Policy Tool Chest’, a resource for governments as they consider how to create fair, progressive rules for home sharers.

About the Speaker:

Patrick Robinson is the Director of Public Policy, EMEA at Airbnb.

Patrick joined Airbnb after several years at Yahoo, most recently as Director of the company’s global business and human rights programme, which leads the company’s efforts to protect and promote online free expression and privacy.

He has previously held senior roles with Virgin Group’s UK television business and the British Broadcasting Corporation, including two-and-a-half years living and working in Sarajevo on a project to establish public?service broadcasting in post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina.