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About the Speech:

Julia Hamm, CEO of the Smart Electric Power Alliance, discussed the initiative her organisation launched in the US, asking energy sector leaders to redesign the American grid from scratch. Energy sector experts and stakeholders were asked the question: What if you had a “blank slate” to create the perfect energy market, unhindered by existing market design or legacy infrastructure? In her address the the IIEA, Ms. Hamm discussed key proposals SEPA received for this hypothetical “51st State” of America, and discussed how the initative provides the canvas on which all affected stakeholders – electric utilities, policymakers, regulators, project developers, customers and advocates – can develop ideas for a long-term, sustainable energy market that benefits all.

About the Speaker:

Julia Hamm, President & CEO of Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), has more than 15 years of experience advising and collaborating with utilities, manufacturers and government agencies on renewable energy and energy efficiency strategies and programs. The knowledge and experience she has gained as the President and CEO of SEPA since 2004 makes her one of the world’s foremost experts on the nexus between utilities and distributed energy resources.


This event is kindly supported by ESB as part of the 2016 Lecture Series “Powering the Future”.