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Download presentation here Dublin_Glachant_IIEA_16July2018.


The regulation and design of the internal market for electricity are currently under negotiation in Brussels. New rules, once agreed, will make the internal electricity market more flexible and competitive to give the right signals to investors and to empower consumers and businesses. Meanwhile, agreement has been reached by EU institutions in recent weeks on other key pieces of legislation concerning renewable energy, energy efficiency and the governance of the EU’s Energy Union flagship project, which will determine the Union’s energy and climate trajectory and investment agenda for the next decade. Drawing on his extensive experience, Professor Glachant outlined his views on the future of regulation and legislation of energy in the EU and Ireland.






This event is the second of the 2018 ESB Lecture Series entitled The Electric Lifestyle.


About the Speaker:

Jean-Michel Glachant is the Director of the Florence School of Regulation, a centre of excellence for independent discussion and dissemination of knowledge regarding European regulation and policy. He also holds the Loyola de Palacio Chair at the European University Institute (EUI). Professor Glachant regularly advises European Commission and European energy regulators. He has been coordinator or scientific advisor of several European research projects and is a research partner in the CEEPR at MIT (USA), and the EPRG at Cambridge University. Professor Glachant completed his Master’s degree and PhD in economics at La Sorbonne in Paris.