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1.2 billion people live without any electricity, whilst a further 1 billion people live with unreliable and expensive power. Mansoor Hamayun explained how BBOXX, a global leader in the rollout of off-grid solar power, is building a next generation utility capable of bringing electricity and other services to rural households across Africa and South-East Asia. Mr Hamayun argued that the key to rural electrification is harnessing data to unlock capital, to learn more about the customer base and consequently, to transform lives.


About the Speaker:

Mansoor Hamayun is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of BBOXX, a next generation utility. BBOXX uses smart solar technology alongside pioneering financing techniques to improve energy access across Africa and the developing world. Since 2010, BBOXX has sold over 150,000 solar kits. As CEO, Mr Hamayun leads BBOXX in all aspects of its business – from its engineering lab in London to its factory in China, to distribution from its local shops in Kenya, Rwanda, Togo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.