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Dialogue on the IPCC 5th Assessment Report

About the Speech:

In this event, Dr Lee discussed the IPCC’s most recent output, the 5th Assessment Report, which aims to provide a clear and up to date view of the current state of scientific knowledge on climate change. Dr Lee also discussed the IPCC’s future work programme. This short presentation by Dr Lee was followed by an extended questions and answers session, maximising audience interaction and dialogue.

About the Speaker:

Dr Hoesung Lee was appointed Chair of the IPCC in October 2015. He is also Endowed Chair Professor at Korea University Graduate School of Energy and Environment in Seoul. His research encompasses the economics of climate change, energy and sustainable development. Prior to his current role, he served as Vice-Chair of IPCC and lead author and review editor for the various IPCC assessments. Dr Lee is a member of the Board of Directors of the Korean Academy of Environmental Sciences, a council member of the Global Green Growth Institute and a member of the Asian Development Bank President’s Advisory Board on Climate Change and Sustainable Development.