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About the Speech:

Transport is Europe’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter and the fastest growing sector from an emissions perspective. The future role of biofuels in the EU is, however, hotly contested as part of a debate on European-wide renewables policy post-2020; and the outcome of this debate will have important implications for Ireland. The European Commission’s draft proposal envisages reducing the contribution of crop-based biofuels in transport between 2021 and 2030. Within this context, Dr. Dean and Mr. Cogan assessed the potential role biofules could play in in transport sector decarbonisation within the EU and Ireland in the period to 2030 and beyond.

This event is kindly sponsored by Ethanol Europe Renewables Ltd.


About the Speakers:

Dr Paul Deane is a research fellow specializing in Energy and Climate Policy with the MaREI Centre in University College Cork. He has been working in the energy industry for approximately 15 years in both commercial and academic research. His research activities include integrated energy systems modelling to assess whole system pathways and policies to low carbon futures.  Paul is a member of a number of European multidisciplinary think-tanks and scientific advisor to European energy projects. He is an active contributor to European policy thinking on renewable energy.


James Cogan is an industry and policy analyst at Ethanol Europe Renewables Ltd (EERL), an Irish firm that operates Europe’s largest biorefinery.  James represents EERL on the Private Sector Mechanism of the UN’s Committee on Food Security each year, while in November 2017 he was a partner to the UN Climate Change secretariat at the COP23 climate negotiations in Bonn. He has worked in recent years for the European Commission and its agencies and partners on innovation finance, coordination and support projects and innovation project development.