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Green Growth, Smart Growth

About the Speech:   Mr. Fuecks will reflect on how to decouple economic growth from environmental consumption. He rejects traditional forms of green philosophy, which place the emphasis upon frugality and limits to growth, and instead calls for a new model of sustainability using efficient technology, smart energy policy and proactive innovation.

About the Speaker:   Ralf Fuecks is the President of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, a not for profit political foundation and think tank for policy reform. He is a prominent political figure in Germany. Mr. Fuecks first began his political career in the early 1980s when he joined the Green Party. He was elected to the Bremen State Parliament in 1985 and he served as Co-President of the Green Party between 1989 and 1990. In 1991, he served as the Deputy Mayor of Bremen and Senator for Urban Development and Environmental Protection.