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Clean Energy For All Europeans

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About the Speech

This speech was part of the ESB “Powering the Future” energy series and focused on the European Union’s “Clean Energy for All Europeans” Package which includes revisions of the Energy Efficiency Directive, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Renewable Energy Directive and proposes new rules for electricity market design. In her keynote address, Ms Donnelly argued that the Package is not a mere accountancy tool, but aims to change the way Europeans think about energy and to foster cross-sectoral collaboration which will help Europe move towards a secure and low-carbon energy future. Ms Donnelly highlighted the increasing importance of the energy demand side in realising Europe’s energy efficiency potential, creating the need for active and informed consumer participation in effectively designed energy markets.

About the Speaker

Ms Donnelly is Director of New and Renewable Sources of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Innovation in the European Commission. She previously served as Director of Resources and Communication in DG Employment and Social Affairs and as Head of Unit for European Social Fund Policy and for Equality Between Men and Women. Prior to this, she worked in the area of Industrial Policy in Pharmaceuticals in DG Enterprise and held the position of Industry Group Director with the Federation of Irish Chemical Industries in Ireland before joining the Commission.

Image (c) European Commission     This event was kindly sponsered by the ESB.