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About the Speech:   The MIT Energy Initiative’s focus is to move energy provision away from fossil resources and to help craft the research and subsidy agenda for sustainable solutions. In this address to the IIEA, Dr. Francis O’Sullivan presented the findings of The MIT Future of Solar Energy study, of which he was lead author. The report highlights the substantial growth in solar but also points to challenges ahead and discusses technology and policy pathways towards affordable solar in the long-term.    This event was kindly supported by ESB as part of the 2016 Lecture Series.

About the Speaker:   Dr. Francis O’Sullivan is the Director of Research and Analysis for the MIT Energy Initiative, which was founded by current US Secretary for Energy, Ernest Moniz. Dr. O’Sullivan is the lead author of the MIT Future of Solar Energy Study (2015) and the MIT Future of Natural Gas Study (2011). Prior to joining MIT, he was a consultant with McKinsey & Company, where he worked with major renewable energy providers in the US. His current research focuses on unconventional oil and gas resources, solar energy and the integration of advanced storage in the power sector. A native of Kerry, Dr. O’Sullivan received his Ph.D. from MIT, and his B.E. degree from UCC, both in electrical engineering.