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About the Speech:

In 2009, Vancouver established a goal of becoming the Greenest City on Earth by 2020. Since then, the City has made impressive strides in low carbon transportation, green job growth and successfully engaging businesses in transforming Vancouver into a sustainable city.

Cllr. Andrea Reimer spoke about some key components of Vancouver’s Greenest City on Earth initiative, including the importance of a clear, long-term vision shared by all stakeholders, ambitious targets to support that vision and ability to demonstrate economic value for the city.


About the Speaker: 

Cllr. Reimer serves as Chair of the City’s Planning and Environment Committee and lead Councillor of the Greenest City Action Team, which works to make Vancouver a global leader in environmental action. As Deputy Mayor of Vancouver in 2014, she became the first woman to hold an office higher than Councillor in the City of Vancouver.