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About the Speech:

Six months after the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, the future shape of UK-EU relations remains largely unknown. What is certain is that Brexit confronts Ireland with an agenda more complex than that faced by any other EU Member State, carrying with it potentially serious political and economic ramifications. This new IIEA publication, entitled Brexit: A Status Report, aims to provide a comprehensive update on what is known about the process and implications of Brexit, and highlight issues of concern for all parties to the negotiations.


About the Speaker:

Speakers at this event included Dáithí Ó’Ceallaigh, Former Irish Ambassador in London and Chair of the IIEA’s UK expert group; Catherine Day, Special Adviser to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission; Tom Arnold, Director General of the IIEA; and John Palmer, Founder of the European Policy Centre and former European Editor of The Guardian.