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About the Speech:

Brexit will have a profound impact on energy and climate change policy in both the United Kingdom and the EU27. For the United Kingdom, the post-Brexit absence of EU environmental legislation and EU-level long-term climate and energy targets will pose environmental sustainability and energy security challenges. At the same time, the EU is set to lose some of its most skilled and experienced climate diplomats in a time where EU leadership on global climate change issues is crucial. In his address, Nick Mabey discussed how leaders on both sides of Brexit negotiations can generate a constructive dialogue around these critical policy areas.

About the Speaker:

Nick Mabey is Chief Executive and Co-founding Director of E3G (Third Generation Environmentalism), a non-profit European organisation dedicated to accelerating the transition to sustainable development. In addition to his management role, Mr Mabey leads E3G’s work on European climate change policy, climate diplomacy and foreign policy, and the security implications of climate change and resource scarcity. He was previously a senior advisor in the UK Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, leading work on national and international policy areas including: energy, climate change, countries at risk of instability, organised crime and fisheries.