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About the Speech:

In March 2016, the EU-Turkey statement created a basis for tackling the refugee crisis in the Aegean. The deal had an immediate impact on migrant crossings in the region, but two years later its implementation remains inadequate. In his address to the IIEA, Gerald Knaus argued that a humane and effective EU policy on asylum and borders is possible, but that the necessary first step is a serious and realistic debate on what has worked and what has failed.

About the Speaker:

Gerald Knaus is the European Stability Initiative’s (ESI) founding chairman. After studying in Oxford, Brussels and Bologna, he taught economics in Ukraine and worked for NGOs and international organisations in Bulgaria and Bosnia. He has co-authored more than 90 ESI reports, the book Can Intervention Work?, and scripts for a dozen TV documentaries on South East Europe. He is a founding member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and was for five years an Associate Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University‚Äôs Kennedy School.