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The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), the world’s leading think tank dedicated to analysing peace and quantifying its economic value, launched its Global Terrorism Index 2018 at the IIEA on 10 December. Serge Stroobants of the IEP presented key global trends on terrorism from the Index findings. Professor Andrew Silke, Chair in Terrorism, Risk and Resilience at Cranfield University delivered a keynote address to frame the discussion.


About the Speaker

Professor Andrew Silke holds a Chair in Terrorism, Risk and Resilience at Cranfield University. Professor Silke has a background in forensic psychology and criminology and has worked for a wide variety of government departments, law enforcement and security agencies. He is internationally recognised as a leading expert on terrorism and low intensity conflict. He has authored a wide range of publications including more recently The Routledge Handbook on Terrorism and Counterterrorism (in press) and Historical Perspectives on Organised Crime and Terrorism (2018).

Serge Stroobants is the Director of Operations for Europe and the MENA region at the Institute for Economics and Peace. He is a former Colonel in the Belgian Armed Forces with an academic specialisation in political sciences, international relations, security and defence, global risk analysis, foresight and crisis management. He is an Assistant Professor at Vesalius College in Brussels and considered a senior academic specialist on global terrorism and radicalisation in Belgium and Europe. Mr Stroobants is also a Senior Fellow at the Irish College of KU Leuven and the Global Governance Institute.