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About the Speech:

Turkey has been a candidate to join the EU since 1999 and has been negotiating accession to the Union since 2005. As a major emerging economy and a member of NATO and the G20, Turkey is a key partner for the European Union. However, the country faces significant challenges: a civil war at its doorstep, continuing strife in the South-East of the country, the refugee and migrant crisis, and a complex domestic political situation. In this IIEA and DG NEAR seminar, a panel of expert speakers examined the current state of the relationship between Turkey and the EU, and discussed the prospects for the future.


About the Speakers:

Speakers at this event will include: Simon Mordue, Director of Strategy and Turkey at DG NEAR, European Commission; and Prof. Cengiz Aktar, Professor of EU Studies and Senior Fellow Istanbul Policy Center; and Kevin Conmy, Director, Europe Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.