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About the Speech:

The first round of voting in the French Presidential Election will take place on 23 April 2017, following a campaign which has been unprecedented in terms of the rise and fall of the fortune of the candidates so far. The biggest surprise has been the gradual fall in the polls of the initially favoured candidate, Francois Fillon, and the rise of the young centrist politician, Emmanuel Macron. The strong challenge being mounted by the third front runner, Marine Le Pen, the candidate representing the Front National, is also causing concern across the whole political spectrum in France. The speakers at this roundtable discussion analysed the state of play ahead of the first round of voting in the French Presidential Election.


About the Speaker:

Lara Marlowe is a Paris-based foreign correspondent for The Irish Times. As a journalist for more than three decades, she has lived in Paris, the Middle East and Washington DC; John O’Brennan is a Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration at Maynooth University, whose work focuses primarily on European Integration and the EU institutions; Joe Mulholland is Chair of the IIEA France Group and a former correspondent for Le Monde.