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In his keynote speech to the IIEA, Ambassador O’Sullivan reflected on the current state of transatlantic relations within the context of increased tensions on a number of fronts, including: EU-US trade relations following the imposition of tariffs by the US on EU imports and the EU’s countermeasures; the future of the Iran Nuclear Deal; and the fallout from the recent G7 Summit. Ambassador O’Sullivan argued that solidarity among EU Member States is key to overcoming the perceived crisis in transatlantic relations at present.


About the Speaker:

David O’Sullivan has had a long and distinguished career spanning over three decades in which he has served in a number of senior official posts in the European public service. He has been Ambassador of the European Union to the United States since November 2014. Prior to this, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the ‘European External Action Service’ and responsible for establishing the diplomatic service of the EU. He previously served as Director General of DG Trade at the European Commission from 2005-2010 and as Secretary General of the European Commission from 2000-2005.