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The IIEA’s EU27 Bulletin brings you the key developments from across the EU’s institutions on a weekly basis and looks at the forthcoming week’s major agenda items.

Our weekly bulletin includes:

  • Analysis of ongoing institutional change;
  • Updates and analysis of institutional legislative proposals;
  • Examination of major policy speeches by EU leaders and senior institution officials; and
  • Updates on key decisions adopted by the EU.

This week’s EU27 Bulletin covers the completion of the hearings process for the new European Commission and explores the final steps necessary before the new Commission can take office on 1 December 2019, with or without a Commissioner from the UK.

The Bulletin also covers financial and thematic details of the provisional agreement reached on the EU’s annual budget for 2020, the latest proposals regarding strengthening the EU’s rule of law mechanisms and the reaction from Member States to French proposals for the reform of the accession process.

You can read the latest bulletin here.