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The IIEA’s EU27 Bulletin brings you the key developments from across the EU’s institutions on a weekly basis and looks at the forthcoming week’s major agenda items.

Our weekly bulletin includes:

  • Analysis of ongoing institutional change;
  • Updates and analysis of institutional legislative proposals;
  • Examination of major policy speeches by EU leaders and senior institution officials;  and
  • Updates on key decisions adopted by the EU.

It was a busy week in Brussels last week, as the Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, unveiled her proposals for the European Green Deal, a roadmap of actions to make Europe the first continent to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. The Bulletin covers all the main details of the proposal and explores the reaction to the deal in the European Parliament and the European Council.

This week’s Bulletin also covers developments at the European Council of 12-13 December 2019, where EU leaders navigated a complex agenda, including climate neutrality, the MFF, Brexit and Eurozone reform.

This is the last EU27 Bulletin of 2019. Many thanks for reading and we hope you have a very happy Christmas!

You can access this week’s EU27 Bulletin here.

This is part of the Future of the EU27 Project, which is supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.