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Ireland’s strategic agenda for the next three years is complex. Navigating the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, and examining Ireland’s position within the EU of 27, will demand reflection and analysis. In an EU of 27 Member States Ireland will encounter both new challenges and new opportunities.

To contribute to meeting these challenges, the IIEA, with the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, is embarking upon a programme of research, publications, events and public engagement. This project will focus on understanding the policy challenges for Ireland in the EU, whilst taking account of developments across the EU27 Member States, and within the EU Institutions.

The Future of the EU27 is a three-year project, which aims to enhance debate examining Ireland’s position in the EU of 27 by providing in-depth analysis of emerging trends, in order to gain insight into the issues where there may be opportunities for policy alignment between Ireland and other EU countries.

Taking the Bratislava Declaration as a starting point, The Future of the EU27 will look at the various contributions to the Future of Europe debate emanating from the EU Institutions and from Member States. Combined with consideration of the policy priorities of other EU Member States this research will contribute to more nuanced understanding of where Ireland’s strategic interests lie.

It is crucial that these debates do not take place in a vacuum. Now is the time to engage the public in debate and to provide insight and analysis as the basis for discussion. Throughout this project, the IIEA will seek to share our research widely, and engage with diverse audiences in debating and developing Ireland’s role in the Future of Europe.


Public Engagement Strand:

To encourage debate around Ireland’s role in the EU of 27 this project aims to reach out to new audiences, who may not have encountered IIEA research previously.  This will be achieved through:

  • A series of regional events open to the public
  • Expansion of the IIEA’s Young Professionals Network, a unique forum for young professionals to engage on international affairs
  • Development of an ‘Emerging Voices on the Future of Europe’ panel which will inform and review the research of the Future of the EU27 expert group

Together, the elements of this project aim to provide policymakers, thought leaders, and citizens in Ireland with an enhanced understanding of the issues at stake over the coming three years, as the European Union adjusts to the UK withdrawal, and determines its future direction.