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The protests in France began four weeks ago in response to a rise in fuel taxes. Initiated by the “gilets jaunes” or ‘yellow vest’ protesters, the movement has since grown in significance to represent other national issues. The challenge to government has led to the removal of the carbon tax. The response has nonetheless failed to address wider concerns of social inequalities nationally. Lara Marlowe provided insights on the people behind the movement and its intentions.


About the Speaker:

As France correspondent for The Irish Times newspaper, Lara Marlowe has observed French politics at close range for more than 20 years.  She spent four years in Washington DC covering Barack Obama’s first presidential term, and has worked extensively in the Middle East. Before joining the Irish Times in 1996, Marlowe was Beirut bureau chief for Time Magazine.

Marlowe holds degrees from UCLA, the Sorbonne and Oxford, and has won three press awards.  She is the author of “The Things of Seen;  Nine Lives of a Foreign Correspondent,” and “Painted With Words.”  The French government made her a Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur for her contribution to Franco-Irish relations.