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About the Speech:

Since China introduced market-orientated reforms in 1978, urbanisation in China has accelerated significantly, as a result of rapid economic growth. China’s urban population percentage is expected to reach 70% by 2030, and its distinctive features, such as the household registration system and the division of public land ownership, have profound implications for the economy, the environment, public resources and health.

About the Speaker:

Prof. Athar Hussain began his career at the LSE in 1987, and he is now the Director of the LSE Asia Research Centre. He has served as a consultant on a wide range of social and economic policy issues to organisations including the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, the Asian Development Bank and the UK Department of International Development. He has worked on various World Bank projects in China on issues such as the reform of state enterprises and western regional development. Two of his noted publications include: Rural-Urban Migration in China: Scale, Composition, Pattern and Deprivation and Transforming China’s Economy.