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About the Speech:

The next U.S. President will confront a deeply unsettled world, from turmoil in the Middle East to Europe’s struggle to contain an outbreak of terror attacks. As many commentators have noted, Donald Trump’s protectionist, “America-first” approach to international trade and his desire for a major reassessment of America’s role in the world would lead to a dramatic shift in U.S. foreign policy, if he were to succeed President Obama.  In his address to members, Professor Trubowitz outlined his views on what Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy may look like as well as the possible repercussions such policy may have on the global stage.


About the Speaker:

Professor Peter Trubowitz is Department Head of International Relations and Director of the U.S. Centre at LSE and Associate Fellow at Chatham House. His main teaching and research interests are in the fields of international security and comparative foreign policy, with special focus on American grand strategy and foreign policy. He also writes and comments frequently on U.S. party politics and elections and how they shape and are shaped by America’s changing place in the world.