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Russia’s geopolitical challenge to the West is often described as ‘hybrid war’, but in his address to the IIEA Prof. Galeotti challenges the prevailing view in this regard. He draws on his understanding of the ‘late Putin’ regime and the Russian approach to security and intelligence, as a basis to consider appropriate foreign policy responses from the West, and to envisage what a comprehensive European security policy response might look like.

About the Speaker:

Mark Galeotti is an internationally-recognised expert in Russian politics and security. Now based in London, he is a Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, a Senior Non-Resident Fellow with the Institute of International Relations Prague and director of the consultancy Mayak Intelligence. A prolific author, his most recent works are ‘We Need To Talk About Putin’ (Penguin, 2019),’Russian Political War’ (Routledge, 2019) and ‘The Vory: Russia’s super-mafia’ (Yale, 2018). He read history at Cambridge and took his PhD at the LSE.