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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has announced the appointment of a new Lead Group for the SUN Movement. The Lead Group brings together 29 global leaders, including a number of current and former Heads of State, who are committed to fighting nutrition in all its forms. Mary Robinson, President of the Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice, and Tom Arnold, DG of the Institute of International and European Affairs, have been appointed the the Lead Group, each having been members of the original Lead Group from 2012 – 2015. Mr Anthony Lake, Executive Director of Unicef, continues to serve as Chair of the Lead Group.

The Sun Movement has grown dramatically since its establishment in 2010. It now included 57 countries and three Indian states. It places a particular importance on adequate nutrition during the first 1000 days – from a mother’s pregnancy to her child’s second birthday.

Tom Arnold said he was very pleased to be asked to again serve on the Lead Group.  “I believe that the Sun Movement has the capacity to make further significant progress in reducing stunting and improving maternal and child nutrition over the coming years. Sustaining the momentum to improve nutrition is the foundation stone for the achievement of the SDG’s.”


In addition to his role as a member of the Sun Lead Group since 2012, Mr Arnold served as interim Coordinator of the SUN Movement from September 2014 to July 2016. He has now been succeeded in the role by Ms Gerda Verburg, former Dutch Minister for Agriculture and Ambassador.


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For further information on the full list of members of the Lead Group, click here.