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The UK Group in the IIEA meet regularly, and in recent months have had several discussions around Ireland’s objectives after Brexit.

Whatever the final terms of Brexit, Ireland, as well as having a land border with the UK, is likely to remain its closest economic and social centre of any EU state. In addition, the post-Brexit situation – even the post-final agreement situation, will probably remain open to change for many years to come.

There will certainly be active, and sometimes difficult, relations between the EU and the UK which will require credible management, as will the London-Dublin relationship. Northern Ireland will often present additional difficulties and this will require additional systems of negotiation and implementation.

With this in mind, it may be useful to consider what should Ireland’s objectives after Brexit should be and how they might be pursued.

This discussion note was drawn up by Dr John Temple Lang and has been discussed by the IIEA UK Group.

You can access the paper here.