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  • Reflections on Ireland, Europe and the ‘Northern Ireland Problem’

  • From Fragile Continent to Vital Union

  • The Multilateral Order Post-Covid: Expert Voices

  • Judging the Eurozone: The Role of National Courts and the European Court of Justice in adjudicating on Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union

  • Angela Merkel: The Climate Chancellor?

  • Ireland and the Changing Global Foreign Direct Investment Landscape

  • Maintaining the Rule of Law in Poland: What next for the Article 7 proceedings?

  • Europe’s Problem with England

  • Enhancing Cooperation – German Attitudes Towards European Security and Defence Policy

  • 6 Years On: Assessing the Impact of Country Specific Recommendations

  • EU Economic Governance: Guide to the Main Elements

  • The Elements of a New EU-UK Relationship