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In her keynote address, Dr de Vergeron discusses France’s strategy towards China, with particular focus on the Belt and Road Initiative across Eurasia, and implications for European unity and strategic interests. She also discusses France’s commitment to renew the EU-China partnership and its role in promoting a more cohesive European approach, with particular focus on Europe’s position as a balancing pole of power globally.

About the Speaker:

Dr Karine de Vergeron, Associate Director and Head of Europe Programme at the Global Policy Institute (GPI) in London, is also an associate contributor to the Robert Schuman Foundation in Paris and senior fellow of the Federal Trust. She previously worked as associate in Chatham House and provided strategic expertise to the European External Action Service, particularly on the development of culture in European external relations and EU-China cultural exchanges. Dr de Vergeron holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from the London School of Economics.