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In this presentation, Peter Brown looks at how the prospect of wide scale uptake of Artificial Intelligence presents new ethical and governance challenges for organisations, governments, and society; and why these are as much boardroom and executive concerns as they are technology ones. In his address, Mr Brown argues that while some worry about the advent of the killer robots or sentient machines, the real issues around the uptake of artificial intelligence may be more mundane: mundane but with the potential for equally catastrophic consequences if introduced and used without due care.

About the Speaker:

Peter Brown is a civil servant of the European Parliament and was recently appointed editor of a new ISO Standard looking at the governance implications of the use of artificial intelligence. Previously, he advised several Fortune 100 companies and many national governments and international organisations on technology strategy and governance and led ISO standardisation work in the field of governance of information technologies.

While in the USA, he served as President of the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, established to deliver President Obama’s National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), and was President and Board Chair of the Global Open Standards Consortium, OASIS.