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About the Speech:

In the Brexit debate to date, much of the attention has focused on a binary outcome: the UK leaving the EU with a deal, or leaving without one. In his speech to the IIEA, however, Hugo Dixon will present a third option: the UK remaining in the EU. He will argue that the most likely way this could occur would be via a referendum at the end of the Brexit talks. Mr Dixon will outline the various scenarios under which this option might arise.

About the Speaker:

Hugo Dixon is Chair and Editor-in-Chief of InFacts, a journalistic enterprise aiming to make a fact-based case for remaining in the EU. He is also Deputy Chair of the People’s Vote campaign. He is a co-founder of CommonGround, an organisation established to campaign against leaving the EU. He is also a founder of, a platform for financial commentary, which he chaired until it was acquired by Thomson Reuters. He writes for The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Politico and worked for many years editing the Lex column at the Financial Times.