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In her address to the IIEA, Catherine De Bolle presents her vision for the future of Europol and reflect on the links between operational and political priorities. On her appointment as Executive Director of Europol in May 2018, Ms De Bolle prioritised learning about the needs and expectations of the EU Member States and their role and relationship with the organisation in the future. Ms De Bolle addresses the thorough consultation that took place with the Heads of Law Enforcement Agencies of the EU, which set the base for the development of the new ‘Europol Strategy 2020+’.

About the Speaker:

Prior to her appointment as Europol’s Executive Director in May 2018, Catherine De Bolle served as General Commissioner of the Belgian Federal Police from 2012. Previously, Ms De Bolle was Chief of Police in Ninove. In January 2015 she has received the title of Public Manager of the year and since November 2015 she has been a member of the Executive Committee of Interpol. Ms De Bolle studied law at Ghent University and then went on to graduate from the Royal Gendarmerie Academy in Belgium.