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In her address to the IIEA, Monika Bickert discusses why Facebook is calling for the regulation of online content and what Facebook deems as acceptable content for its services. The internet has revolutionised how people communicate, breaking down barriers and increasing access to information and ideas. At the same time, it has allowed for the proliferation of abuse online – whether in the form of hate, harassment or offensive content. Ms Bickert analyses the complex challenges that governments face in limiting harm without reducing people’s rights and freedoms.

About the Speaker:

Monika Bickert is Facebook’s Vice President for Global Policy Management and Counterterrorism. Her global team manages the policies for what types of content can be shared on Facebook and how advertisers and developers can interact with the site. Ms Bickert served as Assistant United States Attorney for 11 years in Washington, DC, and Chicago, prosecuting federal crimes ranging from public corruption to gang-related violence