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China: Leading the World Again. Dr. Eddie O’Connor:

By 31st March 2010October 4th, 2017No Comments


Breakfast briefing “China: Leading the World Again” with Dr. Eddie O’Connor

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About the event:

Dr. O’Connor discussed the revival of Chinese society amid China’s remarkable economic growth over the last twenty years. He reflected on what is in store for the next twenty years, including the environmental consequences of this economic growth, sketching also China’s role in the global response to climate change.

About the speaker:

Dr. O’Connor is Founder and CEO of Mainstream Renewable Power and former CEO of Airtricity. He founded Airtricity Holdings Ltd in 1997 and remained in the position of Chief Executive until 2008. In 2008, he set up Mainstream Renewable Power.

Dr. O’Connor was named World Energy Policy Leader (2003) by Scientific American Magazine and received the Leadership Award at the annual Ernst & Young Global Renewable Energy Awards 2009.