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Bill Emmott, Former Editor of the Economist;  Dr Kathryn Simpson, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at Manchester Metropolitan University; and Ella Whelan, Author and Columnist at Spiked.

The United Kingdom’s membership of the EU has long been a contentious issue in that country’s politics. The 2016 referendum, in which 52% of the UK electorate voted to leave the EU, has brought the issue to the fore. Deep divisions in British society have emerged and the country’s politics have since been convulsed by the issue. In the sixth in the IIEA’s Countdown to Brexit series, an all-British panel discusses whether the divisions over Brexit can be healed and how they expect the country’s politics and society to evolve in the medium term.


About the Panel:

Bill Emmot is an independent writer and commentator and the former Chief Editor of The Economist; Dr Kathryn Simpson is an Associate Professor in Political Economy at Manchester Metropolitan University; Ella Whelan is a freelance journalist and a former assistant editor of Spiked.