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Podcast: Download the keynote audio podcast from this event here.


About the Speech:

At this event, John Jungclaussen argued that Angela Merkel’s victory in the German Federal Elections was never in doubt. On the international stage, German politics may seem sturdy and dependable. However, Dr Jungclaussen argued that while Chancellor Merkel’s admirers have dubbed her the new “leader of the free world”, who dealt with the Eurozone crisis, handled the influx of over one million refugees and still managed to keep a lid on the rise of the populist right, all of these issues remain unresolved and pose an increasingly potent threat to political and economic stability in Europe. He concluded by arguing that there is only one thing Angela Merkel thinks she doesn’t need to worry about: Brexit.

About the Speaker:

John Jungclaussen is the UK and Ireland Correspondent for Die Zeit and has been an observer of British and Irish politics for over twenty years. Dr Jungclaussen first came to the United Kingdom in the early 1990s when he studied History and Economics at Queen Mary College, London. Later he obtained a DPhil in Modern History at the University of Oxford. He frequently comments on German and European issues for the BBC and other international media outlets.