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In her keynote address, Ms Conway-Mouret discusses her joint report on behalf of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Armed Forces Committee of the French Senate, which examines the multifaceted development of European defence. The report was presented in July 2019 after six months of work, hearings and visits to European countries to gather information on views of the public and of partners, the significance of defence issues in the European institutions, and recent changes in CSDP.

About the Speaker:

Hélène Conway-Mouret was appointed Vice President of the French Senate on 1 November 2018. She holds responsibility for the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Armed Forces Committee and was appointed National Secretary for Defence in September 2018. Previously, Ms Conway-Mouret was Deputy Minister in charge of French citizens abroad. She holds a degree in Modern Languages from Université Lumière-Lyon II, a Master of Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin and a degree in Management from Ulster University.