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Paul Sracic

James Fallows

Q&A Session

About the Speech:

In their addresses, Mr Fallows and Prof. Sracic explored various dimensions of conservative America, reflecting particularly on contentious policy issues as well as susceptibility to populism. Donald Trump overcame the odds and emerged as the Republican Party’s candidate for the US Presidential Election in 2016. Despite his ‘outsider’ label, President Trump and his campaign team were able to effectively mobilise ‘conservative America’ and this played a pivotal role in securing his election as President.

About the Speakers:

James Fallows is the European Editor of The Atlantic Monthly and has worked for the magazine for more than 25 years. He has written for the magazine on a wide range of topics, including national security policy, American politics, the development and impact of technology, economic trends and patterns, and U.S. relations with the Middle East, Asia, and other parts of the world.

Paul Sracic is a professor and the Chair of the Department of Politics and International Relations at YSU in Ohio who specialises in US politics, working class voters, and trade issues. In addition to his scholarly work, he has written for the Washington Post, USA Today, Bloomberg, The Atlantic and CNN.