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This event explores the role and potential of hydrogen in the transition to a low carbon economy. Angela Wilkinson presents World Energy Council insights on the potential of hydrogen for decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors and for supporting the integration of renewables and storage. Alexandru Floristean argues that hydrogen is no longer a research topic, but a solution for the future. He shows how hydrogen technologies are actually being deployed on the ground now to respond to key energy, climate and environmental challenges.

About the Speaker:

Angela Wilkinson is Senior Director of Scenarios and Business Insights at the World Energy Council, where she leads the development of timely, credible and insightful analysis on the state of the energy system and future evolution. She previously served as the Head of Strategic Foresight for the OECD from 2013 to 2016. Ms Wilkinson holds a PhD in Physics.

Alexandru Floristean has been involved in more than twenty research studies, evaluations and impact assessments in several areas, such as mobility and transport; financial programmes; and others. He is currently involved in building a fuel cells and hydrogen observatory, which aims to be the go-to-source for hydrogen related facts and figures. Mr Floristean holds an MSc in EU Business and Law, a BSc in Business Administration and a BA in Law.