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Podcast: Downlaod the keynote audio podcast from this event here.



About the Speech:

Assistant Secretary Jeanette Manfra discussed the strategy that the Department of Homeland Security is implementing to address national cyber security incidents in the United States, to protect critical infrastructure and to ensure the US government’s ability to deliver key services and functions to US citizens. Assistant Secretary Ms Manfra discussed the fine balance between privacy and security in the context of escalating terrorism, cyber threats and the requirement to provide for the security of the people. Ms Manfra highlighted how the US government has worked with private companies to achieve this objective and the lessons learned from this experience which may be relevant to Ireland.

About the Speaker:

Jeanette Manfra is the Assistant Secretary in the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications in the Department of Homeland Security. Ms Manfra is also the permanent Director for Strategy, Policy and Plans for the National Protection and Programs Directorate. Previously, Ms Manfra served as Senior Counselor for Cybersecurity to the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Director for Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity on the National Security Council staff at the White House. Before joining the Department of Homeland Security, Jeanette Manfra served in the U.S. Army as a communications specialist and a Military Intelligence Officer.