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Despite rapid digitisation of processes, health systems are failing to harness the full potential of digital technologies to become more effective, efficient and people-centered. Francesca Colombo argues that a similar transformation in the health sector is long overdue, is eminently possible, and can deliver considerable health and economic dividends. Ms Colombo discusses the findings of a recent OECD report on this topic and outline what policymakers and other stakeholders can do to bring the health sector into the digital age.

About the Speaker:

Francesca Colombo oversees work in the OECD Health Division which aims to provide internationally comparable data on health systems. It also seeks to apply economic analysis to health policies, advising policy makers, stakeholders and citizens on how to respond to demands for improved, human-centered healthcare systems. Ms Colombo holds an MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a BSc in Economics and Management from the Bocconi University School of Economics in Italy.