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About the Speech:

Peacekeeping operations are one of the most visible symbols of the United Nations and to many around the world, peacekeepers are the face of the Organisation. Despite – or perhaps because of – this, questions about the scope and the impact of UN peacekeeping in ending conflict continue to grow. In her speech, Dr. Dwan answered questions about the role of UN peacekeeping and how should success be measured?


About the Speaker:

Dr Renata Dwan is Chief of the Policy and Best Practices Service in the United Nations’ Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support. She previously led the team to implement Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s initiative on peace operations, the High-level Panel on Peace Operations.  While at UN Headquarters, she has worked on policy areas such as security sector reform, economic governance initiatives and partnerships with regional organisations, and has served in UN peace operations in Syria, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and in Haiti.