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In her address to the IIEA, Ms Pariat argues that in 2019, over 130 million people in 42 countries will require humanitarian assistance, the equivalent of more than a quarter of the EU28 population. She highlights that the average length of a humanitarian crisis is now nine years, while some last for decades, e.g. Somalia, Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo. Ms Pariat addresses some of the causal factors: the lack of willingness among conflict actors to find political solutions to crises; social and economic fragility that fuels instability; climate change; mega trends, like urbanisation and population growth. Finally, she outlines the priorities for the European Union, as one of the top humanitarian donors and emergency responders.

About the Speaker:

Monique Pariat was appointed Director-General in DG European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations as from 1st September 2015. Prior to this post, she was Deputy Director-General in DG Agriculture and Rural Development. She was responsible for EU international and trade relations in the area of agriculture and rural development, and for further developing EU agricultural quality policies. She was also Director for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea in DG Fisheries and Maritime Policy, Director for General Affairs in DG Justice, Freedom and Security and Director for Resources in DG Agriculture and Rural development. She has been an official at the European Commission since 1987.